Ana - Ogre Magi | EZ 25 KILL MID | 7.25c Update Patch | Dota 2 Pro PUB Gameplay

Dota 2 Pro - Ana Play Ogre Magi Full Gameplay part 1 on Dota 2 7.25 Update Patch
Role: Melee - Disabler - Durable - Initiator - Nuker Midlane Dire
KDA: 25-3-10
Items: Hand of Midas - Phase Boots - Aghanim’s Scepter - Octarine Core - Yasha and Kaya - Aether Lens - Ghost Scepter
Neutral Items: Nether Shawl
Match ID: 5341188637
Music Pack:
Anathan "ana" Pham is an Australian professional Dota 2 player
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  • My fav twin headed ogre

    Deejay CorpuzDeejay CorpuzAcum lună

    纳比拉纳比拉纳比拉纳比拉Acum lună
  • Ahora un montón de imbeciles intentarán esto Ty Ana

    Luis BarzolaLuis BarzolaAcum lună
  • this must be smurf account lol they play like guardians

    Blitz KaiserBlitz KaiserAcum lună
    • that juggernaut looks herald to me

      Maynard AlbisMaynard AlbisAcum lună
  • Can u tell me the name of the announcer pls?

    Andrei TăutAndrei TăutAcum lună
    • The Stanley Parable Announcer Pack Mega-Kills: Rick and Morty

      Dota 2 ProDota 2 ProAcum lună
    • Jan Maverick Juat yeah that is the one i was talking about

      Andrei TăutAndrei TăutAcum lună
    • How about the other one? That sounded like the narator in stanley parable.

      Jan Maverick JuatJan Maverick JuatAcum lună
    • Rick & Morty announcer

      Tyrone NeriTyrone NeriAcum lună
  • im surprise that there's a korean player beside forev.

    vic armasvic armasAcum lună
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1438">23:58</a> feels good man

    Kelvin OktavioKelvin OktavioAcum lună